In Focus host, Mike Kallmeyer, sat down with Columbiana County Commissioner Tim Weigle, to hear more about his take on clean-up efforts in East Palestine. Weigle told Kallmeyer that he feels Norfolk Southern is working hard to expedite the clean-up process.

“I feel the CEO is sincere when he says this is going to be done and this is going to be done right,” Weigle said.

Kallmeyer also talked with Rachel Meyer, the organizer of Moms Ohio River Valley. She was inside the committee room in Washington D.C. along with parents from East Palestine when the CEO of Norfolk Southern apologized.

“My reaction was there was a total lack of accountability,” she said. “We heard great questions posed by senators that would really improve the safety of the communities that these trains are rolling though, but we heard no commitment from the CEO of Norfolk Southern.”

Meyer said an apology is a great start, but it needs to be paired with action and long-term health monitoring.