DAYTON, Ohio — For 30 years, Glamour Magazine has recognized women all across the nation who are trailblazers or game-changers. This year, one college student in Dayton is being recognized for her success in and out of the classroom.

What You Need To Know

  • Glamour Magazine has recently recognized Tay Mosely as the College Woman of the Year

  • This recognition is given to college students who are trailblazers or game-changers

  • Mosely is passionate about cooking and has created a blog to talk about her passion and mental health

  • She is also a tutor for other college students

Sinclair Community College Student Tay Mosely has been passionate about cooking since she was little. 

“Just tried whatever I could, whatever I could get my hands on, whatever my parents would let me,” said Mosely. 

The 46-year-old hospitality management and event major has battled bipolar disorder for years. She said her cooking goes hand-in-hand with her mental health. 

“When my cooking is bad, my mental health is usually bad, and they kind of affect each other. When my mental health is bad, it affects my ability to cook,” she said. 

To help with mental health wellness, she created a blog called Tay’s Bipolar Kitchen. In her blogs, she focuses on cooking advice and her journey to healing.

“I try to share the things that have helped me and talk about my personal experience and maybe people can see themselves in that and want to start talking about their mental health wellness,” she said. 

When Mosely isn’t cooking or blogging, she's tutoring other college students. It’s her hard work and dedication that helped her earn the 2021 Glamour Magazine College Woman of the Year recognition. She’s one of close to a dozen women across the country to be recognized. 

“It really feels wonderful to be acknowledged for following your dreams,” she said. 

After graduation next year, Mosley said she plans to further her education and eventually earn a Ph.D. Her ultimate goal is to teach on the collegiate level. 

“I hope that other people my age who’ve always wanted to do something will be inspired to do it,” she said.