After bringing catastrophic damage to the Florida peninsula, Ian moved back offshore prior to making landfall for a fourth time near Georgetown, South Carolina, on Friday as a Category 1 hurricane.

Even though it quickly weakened and became a post-tropical cyclone over land, Ian still brought significant impacts to the state of North Carolina on Friday. While gusty winds and heavy rainfall may seem like the most obvious impacts, parts of the state were also affected by flooding, storm surge and even tornadoes.

Here's a look at some of the preliminary wind gusts and rainfall totals reported across the state. Sort the information by clicking/tapping the top of a column, and scroll down on the table to see more.


Along with heavy rain, the state also saw gusty winds from Ian.


In addition to numerous reports of flooding and storm surge, multiple Tornado Warnings were issued as well. A tornado was reported near Holden Beach, while a water sprout was spotted in Bogue Sound near Broad Creek.


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