Twitter: @TaylorNeumanTV


Taylor Neuman joined the Spectrum News Triad newsroom as a proud reporter in 2019. Sharing the stories of such a diverse community, while also living right in the middle of the beautiful North Carolina beaches and mountains, is an opportunity Taylor feels lucky for each day. 

For Taylor, the ability to be creative through her videography while simultaneously getting to impact and inform her viewers is what keeps her inspired to make each story better than the last. Taylor describes  seeing the final product as the best feeling in the world. 

Throughout Taylors time reporting, one of her most meaningful stories is her coverage of an elderly couple fighting for repairs on their home. Due to a sewage leak, the couple was living in an insect infested house. This elderly couple tried for several weeks to request the contracting company to help without resolve. Taylor met with the couple to allow them to share their story on-air and highlight their struggles. After the story aired, the contracting  company immediately fixed and cleaned the couple’s home. They also set them up in a hotel during the construction period. The couple reached out to Taylor to express their gratitude for her help. This experience is something Taylor will always remember as an example of a way journalism can be used to change lives. 

When Taylor isn’t in the newsroom, she’s usually catching up with family or heading to a music concert or festival. Taylor is very active  and loves to rollerblade, dance, play ice hockey (she played in a men’s league for nine years), run, to just name a few activities she loves.