As March Madness rages on, this week host Tim Boyum considers the chaos with college athletics. The NCAA is dealing with conference realignment, adjusting to Name, Image and Likeness, or NIL, laws and lawsuits by athletes. 

It’s a turbulent but fascinating time and politics has a big role in it too as Congress contemplates intervening. Former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr and UNC law professor Barbara Osborne join Tim for the discussion. 

Having represented multiple athletes, Orr is a frequent opponent of the NCAA. In his research, Osborne has delved deeply into this matter and explored several interconnected subjects.

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With the speed of the local news cycle, it's easy to forget that the politicians who represent us and the influencers in our communities are more than just a sound bite. North Carolina’s veteran reporter and anchor, Tim Boyum, loosens his signature bow tie to give listeners a glimpse behind the curtain, showing us who these power players really are and why they do what they do. Through Tim’s candid conversations on “Tying It Together,” his guests reveal their most fascinating life stories, passions, and help all of us get a better grasp on the issues affecting our communities.

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