CHARLOTTE, N.C — On International Women’s Day, there are lots of ways to support women.

One of them is by supporting a woman-owned business.

What You Need To Know

  • Women's Business Center of Charlotte provides resources for business owners

  • They can help you if you are starting a business or even if you've owned your business for years

  • They want to highlight women entrepreneurs on International Women's Day

If you’re a woman looking to go into business, look no further than the Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Executive Director Rocio Gonzalez says last year they helped 1,300 clients, ranging from those starting a business to those already operating.

Gonzalez says it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, they can offer resources to help. It's something she wants to stress on International Women’s Day.

“It’s very important to have women-owned businesses alive and thriving in this region,” Gonzalez said.

Program Director Linda Hughes says women can face a few barriers while trying to start a business.

There can be barriers to funding, access to capital, or even just a lack of support from family and friends.

Hughes says they can offer support in a lot of ways.

“We had one client, and we were looking at her technology and she re-analyzed her processes and realized she had technology she didn’t need and saved over a thousand dollars a month, so she can use that funding to hire someone or put that in another part of her business,” Hughes said.

You learn more about the center here.