CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This year CMPD Animal Care and Control reported the largest intake of stray dogs in two years.


What You Need To Know

The number of stray dogs coming into the Charlotte shelter after the pandemic increased

Brianna Torrence adopted a stray dog found in a dumpster and a shelter dog surrendered by the owner

The CMPD Animal Care and Control is waiving adoption fees through new year


In 2021, the animal shelter had an intake of 4,680 stray dogs through Dec. 16. In 2020, from Jan. 1 through Dec. 16, it was 3,724. In 2019, during the same period of time, it was 5,181.

CMPD Animal Care and Control Spokeswoman Melissa Knicely said the pandemic and Charlotte being a growing city are contributing factors.

“We believe that a lot had to do with people being quarantined at home, affected our, our amount of animals coming in because people just simply weren't seeing them, where now they're back out and seeing them,” Knicely said.

Learning about this problem, Brianna Torrence wants to help animals in need.

“The amount of strays they have [at the shelter] is shocking to me,” Torrence said.

She started working with Peace Love and Furballs Animal Rescue after she adopted Rain, a stray dog, in November.

Torrence said Rain was found in a dumpster.

“I was sad honestly,” Torrence said.

Torrence met Rain, and she kept her for 14 days initially.

“She ran to me, happy as could be, very friendly,” Torrence said.

Torrence said during the two weeks, she was trying to connect her to her owner through the Nextdoor App. However, she said she didn’t have any luck.

According to Torrence she had not planned to adopt her because she was already in the process of adopting a Yorkie from the CMPD Animal Care and Control shelter named Missy.

“[Missy] was just begging for someone to give her some love,” Torrence said.

She ended up adopting Rain and Missy. Torrence said she and her two children love them.

“They put a lot of excitement into my day,” Torrence said.

She’s glad to have them home for the holidays.

This year, CMPD Animal Care and Control is close to breaking a record of 5,000 adoptions. They are waiving their pet adoption fees through the new year but are still encouraging donations.