CONCORD, N.C. — Red Bull is spreading its wings and flocking to Cabarrus County, and it’s also bringing 400 jobs with it.

N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper announced the beverage production hub’s plans earlier this summer. 


What You Need To Know

Cabarrus County is known for its textile industry

Beverage production hub will create 400 jobs

Plant should generate more than $700 million for area by 2027


The proposal is the county’s biggest economic investment to date. 

Cabarrus County is known for its manufacturing industry. For more than 70 years, textiles were the driving force of the county’s economy. Cannon Mills helped lay the groundwork for the success of textiles. 

John Howard grew up during a time when Cannon Mills influenced many of the economic decisions in the county and in the City of Concord. 

Concord is home to the former Philip Morris cigarette plant that emerged after Cannon Mills’ closure. Howard helped play a role in bringing the company to the area by introducing the key players. 

“The first thing I was able to do was have Cabarrus County Council extend a welcome to Philip Morris,” Howard said.

That plant has sat vacant for several years and will now be home to a large beverage manufacturing hub that will feature companies like Red Bull. 

Howard, who has lived in the county all his life and seen it grow and change, welcomes the new addition. He says companies like Red Bull are what keeps his home up and running. 

“By making it here, they’re employing people, and by making it here, they’re paying taxes. The real basis for taxes which allows a city to be a city and give the services comes not from a house, it comes from this,” Howard said.

The hub is expected to generate close to $750 million for the area by 2027.