HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. -- Computers have become essential as more people work and stay at home during the pandemic.

This is why technician Allen Davis has no shortage of clients at his computer repair shop.

"It's been very steady. There's been almost no drop-off," he says.

Davis, 54, runs his shop out of his Hillsborough home. He says summers are usually slow, but revenue has doubled this year compared to last year. 

"It's now a requirement that your machine be visually and audibly connected to represent you, so others can see you and interact with you as a real person," he adds.

Davis sometimes works long hours, sometimes everyday of the week. 

"It can be a lot of stress because it's intense problem solving," he says.

However, he enjoys being the "PC Doctor".

"For me it's a type of giving back. Whatever they have or they're working on, it's inside one of these machines, and they need it," he says.