CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Charlotte community has come together to raise more than $14,000 for an arcade bar struggling since the start of COVID-19.

What You Need To Know

  • Abari Arcade Bar has been shut down for four months due to COVID-19

  • The owner said his rent is about $7,000 a month so it's been tough to financially survive

  • He said the money raised will keep them afloat for another two months

Zach Pulliam opened Abari Arcade Bar about four years ago.

“I have always loved games,” Pulliam says. “I have been a gamer pretty much my whole life. So it was kind of a dream at first.”

But his dream has now gone silent. Abari Arcade Bar has been closed for four months now due to COVID-19. Pulliam says it’s been pretty tough financially.

“We have lost a third of our yearly income,” Pulliam says. “We have zero revenue at this point in time.”

Pulliam said there are still a lot of bills he has to pay even though he has no revenue.

“Of course we still have to pay our monthly rent, and on top of that, we have insurance,” Pulliam says.

He said he did get a PPP loan, but it hasn’t helped much.

“You get a PPP loan and it’s gone in about a day because you are paying rent and after that you’re paying 75 percent for payroll, but it’s really not even a two week paycheck for these people,” Pulliam says.

It’s why he was overjoyed when he logged online and found out the public had donated more than $14,000 to help keep the business afloat.

“It’s pretty overwhelming, honestly,” Pulliam says. “I didn’t expect to get the support we did.”

Pulliam said this is enough to keep them going for another two months. But with the coronavirus still here, he knows his future is still very uncertain.

“I think that is the most difficult thing, not knowing what the future holds,” Pulliam says.

The arcade bar is holding a drive-up outdoor concert at their location Saturday July 11. Part of the proceeds will go to the bands and the rest will go to employees of Abari Arcade Bar. Click here to learn more.