BLOWING ROCK, N.C. -- Small businesses up the mountain started opening back up on Saturday.

With most stores open, people were walking around and shopping in Blowing Rock.

Businesses did have masks and hand sanitizer, and some even had cleaning items outside their doors for people to use prior to coming inside.

Workers at Sunset Tees & Hattery were happy to open back up. They say small businesses were struggling after having to close their doors for so long, because they depend on tourists to survive.  

They even brought in shirts for the coronavirus to help people feel more comfortable.

"Its one of those things where we want to make this as safe as possible, but also not put fear into people. This is still a fun place to be, we are all super friendly, we want you guys to be here but in a safe way," Sales Associate India Austin said.

Businesses do have a sign on the door reminding visitors that if they are not feeling well and/or have a fever or a cough, they should not come inside.

They are also asking customers to social distance.