CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Most weddings are postponed due to COVID-19, but that’s not stopping a lot of couples from getting married.

Cecelia and Zachary Jones were originally planning to have their wedding with more than 100 people, but due to social distancing that didn’t happen.

“We just wanted a fun and safe way to do it and not have to wait anymore,” Bride Cecelia Jones said.

Instead the couple had a small elope, but they say it still felt like a full on wedding. They invited their family and friends to join via zoom.

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“We had some friends that really stepped up,” Jones said. “We didn’t know they made little slide shows and things like that.”

Bridesmaids wore their dresses and friends did virtual cheers. One person even put the bride's face on a mirror so she could toast her glass.

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Rev. Richard Sears said elopements, or micro-weddings, are becoming quite popular.

“I personally have seen well over a 100% increase,” Sear said. “Typically I do civil ceremonies, maybe one or two a week. Now I am upwards of 4 or 5.”

Sears reminds couples in the state of North Carolina that the wedding officiant must be there in person, and couples need at least two in-person witnesses, who can watch from afar.

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“As long as you have less than 10 people and good social distancing, you can have an amazing ceremony,” Sears said.

The Jones’ say their wedding was more than what they could have asked for.

“It is an adjustment, but it is worth it,” Groom Zachary Jones said. “You’re still going to see that look on her face when she comes down the aisle. Your family will still get to be a part of it, they can still be in the moment with you guys.”

At the end of the day this couple said it’s not about the place your wedding is at. What matters is the people you are with.

“I liked that everyone was at home and comfortable doing it, but they showed up for us and that meant a lot,” Cecelia Jones said.

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