Charlotte, N.C. — A big part of addiction recovery is attending regular meetings and connecting with other people in treatment.

Social distancing and sheltering in place can make getting out of the house to go to meetings difficult, if not impossible.

Paul Brethen created Sober Buddy, a virtual drug addiction and recovery platform that delivers daily challenges and goals to people in recovery with the Sober Buddy Newsletter.

A Sober Buddy app is set to release next month that will also offer on-the-go treatment.

Brad McLeod has been in recovery for heroin addiction for 11 years, but he said the need for consistency and community never goes away.

He is practicing social distancing at his home in Canada to protect his two young daughters. But he gets the Sober Buddy newsletter each day and is attending online meetings.

He said "I understand I’ve got to be around other people and connect with them, so theres a lot of opportunities for people to be connecting with others even while all of this is going on."

You can find information about recovery and online meetings at Smart Recovery and In The Rooms.

You can also sign up for the free Sober Buddy newsletter.