RALEIGH, N.C. – A longtime GoRaleigh bus driver is enjoying a well-earned retirement.

  • Bus driver Monroe Watson retired from GoRaleigh Thursday
  • Watson drove for 38 years and logged three million miles without an accident
  • Watson met his wife on the bus during his first day on the job

Monroe Watson, who drove for 38 years and more than three million miles without an accident, retired Thursday.

Watson saw many changes in Raleigh in nearly four decades on the roads.

"Oh, it's changed. I've seen one-lane roads go into two-lane roads, and two-lane roads turn into four-lane roads. Crabtree was just built probably, when I got here," Watson says.

However, the biggest highlight was early in his tenure.

"My best memory is I met my wife on this bus. First day on the job, I met my wife. And we just celebrated 37 years, so that's one of my best memories," Watson says.

Watson says he will spend more time with his grandkids, fishing, crabbing, and playing chess.