CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The City of Charlotte is considering two pedestrian bridge designs to connect the South End light rail trail to Uptown.

Right now, the sidewalk ends just past Carson and Morehead Station in South End. The two bridge designs under consideration are a single span bridge and a double span.

The double span would be wider and slightly cheaper with a pillar in the middle of I-277.

Courtesy of City of Charlotte


The single span on the other hand is more of an artistic design where the structure legs don't touch I-277 at all.


Courtesy of the City of Charotte

"The sheer scale of it is monumental and iconic. So, it has that immediate punch and exclamation point on the skyline," project designer Ivan Depena said.

Charlotte city planners hope to decide on a design by the middle of next year. The entire project is scheduled to be finished by 2023.