FAYETTEVILLE N.C. – A Fayetteville family is accusing officers of planting drugs on their loved one after an arrest last year, citing video footage taken from a Ring doorbell.

  • Police arrested Reshod Everett, 34, in July 2018.
  • Everett was accused of drug trafficking and gang affiliation.
  • Kathy Greggs, Vice President of Fayetteville PACT, is calling for an investigation of the police department.
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In July of 2018, Fayetteville police arrested 34-year-old Reshod Everett for possession of drugs and gang affiliation.



Police say they were investigating Everett and his wife Victoria for months before the arrest.

Everett and his wife worked at a daycare inside of their home.

When police arrived at the daycare they say they found marijuana, cocaine, heroin, 10 guns, and $70,000 in drug and gang money.

Kathy Greggs, Vice President of Fayetteville Police Accountability Task Force (PACT), has been working with Everett’s family. Greggs claims, “Mr. Reshod Everett has never been in trouble with the law, he has no gang affiliation nor has he done drug trafficking."

Greggs also says that Everett legally owned the 10 guns found by police. She also says that the drugs did not belong to Everett.

Gregg claims that the police brought the drugs into Everett’s home. She also claims that police turned off the cameras around the home as well as body cameras to hide the drugs they brought in.

Greggs questions Chief Gina Hawkins’ actions with this case, "We have to have transparency, we have to have accountability as a chief. I'm requesting that she resigns or gets terminated."

Everett’s sister, Tiffany McLaughlin, says "He has helped a lot of people in the community. Now to be tainted as the drug pusher, the drug user the drug trafficker...that's not him."

Everett is charged with marijuana, cocaine, and heroin trafficking as well as maintaining a drug house, conspiring to traffic heroin, and possessing marijuana with intent to sell and deliver.

The police, district attorney and mayor have not commented since this is an open investigation. 

Everett is set to appear in court on October 9, 2019.