RALEIGH, N.C. – People gathered in Raleigh Saturday to march for missing and murdered indigenous women. 

  • A march in Raleigh Saturday called awareness to missing/murdered indigenous women.
  • Activists say the issue of missing/murdered Indigenous women doesn't get the attention it deserves.
  • North Carolina has the largest Native American population east of the Mississippi River. 

They say a disturbing number of Indigenous women and girls disappear or are murdered each year. 

"It's not like this hasn't plagued Carolina, it's just been invisible. I talked to people in Carolina ever since I moved here six years ago. Very few people from here know that we have the highest population of Native American and Indigenous people," Jason Crazybearkeck from the Louisiana Choctaw tribe said.

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Organizers say the reason it’s commonly not hear about is a lack of consistent or standardized reporting on the issues. 

The march served as a call to action for activists, supporters, and citizens to raise awareness and bring women justice.




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