WAKE FOREST, N.C. -- When 12-year-old Avery Cooper found out she had brain cancer, she said it came as a shock and she became very scared. Her mother and stepfather were also incredibly concerned.

  • The Jones Dairy Farm community rallied around Avery Cooper.
  • Cooper has brain cancer and must go to Florida for treatment.
  • Tee shirts and a concert will help raise money for her family.

This is just the beginning phase of a long road ahead, which will include surgeries and doctors appointments nearly every week. 

Avery already began chemotherapy and will soon undergo proton radiation in Florida, the closest center for her type of radiation treatment. 

'We just kind of have to accept that it's how that is for now, and we just gotta do what the doctor's tell us to do," said her mother, Elizabeth Cooper. 

After learning about her diagnosis, the Jones Dairy Farm community has been rallying around Avery in an effort to support her. Many have bought an "Avery Strong" t-shirt.

Most homes on buttercup lane have a gray ribbon on the mailbox. families are also contributing to Avery's Gofundme page.

Some families are also organizing a benefit concert in order to raise more money for the surgeries that are soon to follow. 

"That's where living in a small community is so special because everybody shows up to help and support each other and it just makes the whole community better," said Susan Swafford, a neighbor who is also helping the Cooper family through this difficult time. 

If you would like to attend the benefit concert you can learn more by clicking here.

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