WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Campaign signs are sprouting up around Winston-Salem and some folks say they're already planning to vote early.

Some say it's easier than waiting for election day.

“Make sure you get in, hurry up and get out, and get it over with," said Collette Brown.

Some say it has become increasingly popular.

"In the last presidential election in 2016, we had a total turnout of 60 percent during the early voting period,” Tim Tsujii, Forsyth County’s Elections Director.

The touch screen machines Forsyth County used for early voting were decertified in January. With the legal questions over the state Board of Elections, new equipment wasn't certified for the primary's early voting.

"We currently already vote using paper ballots on election day, and so it's just a matter of incorporating those voting procedures into early voting,” said Tsujii.

Another touch screen system will be available for disabled voters.

Voters should look for more changes down the road.  This summer county elections officials will be looking at replacing the county's outdated voting equipment that's currently in use.

 "We'll have a public demo and public forum and allow the general public to come out and see and test the options,” said Tsujii

Some folks say they prefer the paper ballots. 

"I think paper will be better, because I think things will go wrong with the computer systems," said Fair.

The early voting period for the May primary runs from April 19 through May 5.