CHARLOTTE -- New Charlotte City Council member Braxton Winston wants the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office to end its partnership with the 287g program.

"Participation in the 287g program provides a detrimental affect to the ability of our public safety officers to create trust within our communities,” said Winston, Monday night.

The federal program allows deputies to act as immigration enforcement officers but they don't have the authority to deport anyone.

Winston said the program is making members of the immigrant community fearful of law enforcement.

But deputies said 287g only affects people who've been arrested for criminal charges.

"And to be able to determine who they are and where they came from is important. It's important to our staff. It can get relayed to the jail especially if they're gang members. We want to know that,” said Capt. Daniel Stitt with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office.

Since 287g is a federal program. There's not much city council can do about it legally but Winston wants to keep conversation going.

“Figure out ways that hopefully that we can get out of this program but also that sheriff's office has the tools and resources to do their job adequately,” said Winston.

Sheriff offices in Cabarrus, Gaston, Henderson and Wake counties participate in the 287g program.