CHARLOTTE -- Wheelchair basketball is a game of skill, contact and speed.

Mike Godsey is a coach for the Rollin’ Hornets. He started the league.

  • The Charlotte Rollin' Hornets is a wheelchair basketball team led by Mike Godsey.
  • The league has reached new heights under Godsey. 
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His son suffers with cerebral palsy. When he was young he wanted the chance to play sports but the options were limited. Around a decade ago, Godsey helped start the Buzzer Beaters.

Today, the league has a new name which is the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets.

While not all of the players are wheelchair bound, the wheels are necessary.

The league is volunteer-run and while Godsey’s day job is in finance, a lot of his time is spent along the sideline.

“I do stuff related to it every day of the week,” Godsey said.

Godsey isn't a stranger to basketball. He was a student manager in college. Today, he's a coach and his players are happy for that.

“He's always been a role model. I've always looked up to him,” said 13-year-old Rollin’ Hornets player Preston Howell.

But Godsey is quick to remember his time spent on the court is all relative.

“My life isn't that tough when I compare it some of the kids in our programs,” Godsey said. “I could put myself in any of these players, and they do a whole lot more dawn to dusk than I do.”

Godsey has brought them to new heights. This month, one of his teams won the national championship. It’s a dream never within reach if everyday hero Mike Godsey never stepped up.

For information on joining the child and adult league or for information on how to donate to the nonprofit, visit here.