WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Moravian cookies have been a famous Christmas tradition in North Carolina for several decades.

In 2019, there was even a bill to make Moravian cookies the state cookie.

They are thin, crisp cookies, made with a lot of different spices.

People often say they're the thinnest cookies in the world, and the Wilkerson family in Winston-Salem has been making their famous Moravian cookies since 1925.

Guy Wilkerson is proudly carrying on the family's legacy, which is a tradition that started with his grandfather, Dewey Guy Wilkerson Sr., almost 100 years ago. 

Guy Wilkerson is a third generation Moravian baker and has been baking these cookies all of his life.

He says it's “the Wilkerson way” to make their cookies as thin as possible because they have the best taste. 

He also says these are the only cookies that get better with age, so the longer they sit, the tastier they are to eat.

He founded Moravian Bake Shop in Winston-Salem in November of 2020 because he wanted to share their cookies with people in the community.

"It's very touching to watch that kind of emotion come out from this product so it's so important to the state, it's so important to Winston-Salem, and again it's just part of the charm of this area," Wilkerson said.

His goal is to continue expanding and to launch an E-Commerce business so people can buy their cookies online. 

If you are trying your hand at making these cookies at home, the family recommends from the recipe from The American Heritage Cookbook, 1964 edition, featured on the website of Chef Lindsey Farr.