The Winter Fair is bringing a little bit of summer to February with rides, food and entertainment. It will squeeze some of the excitement of the Great New York State Fair into one weekend. 

"We hit a nerve. Everyone loves the fair,” said promoter Steve Becker. “You know, we can’t fit in 372 acres. This is a beautiful building. The Expo Center is 110,000 square feet."

They're not wasting any space. 

The first thing on everyone's mind is fair food. They have your favorites, like pizza fritte, fried oreos, wine slushies and more.

"[The goal is] to really kind of bring a new sense of fun to Syracuse,” said Troy Waffner, the NYS Fair Director. “Whether it's winter, summer, or fall we all live here we all put up with the weather, so we might as well enjoy it."

About a third of the Expo Center is taken up by the mini-midway. There is a dozen rides with a carousel, a mini roller coaster, even a ferris wheel inside, and of course the swings. 

"I'm a ride guy so I'd ride any of these rides,” said Waffner. “So if I were coming to the fair, Troy's day at the fair would be rides, the pizza fritte, some oreos, the pan-African village is going to be here with some of their bands."

There will live entertainment all weekend, including comic con characters and dancers.

But there will be a few things missing. There are no animals in the limited space. Organizers have made a few tweaks for the season. 

"Usually we have sand sculptures, we have ice sculptures,” said Becker. “And if you've seen the globe for Winter Fair, we're going to produce that seven feet high."

Promoters say they have sold a few thousand tickets as of Wednesday morning. Adult tickets are four dollars online or six dollars at the door.