Nick Langworthy, chair of New York’s Republican Party, says in order to lower the $6.1 billion budget deficit the state is facing, Democrats need to cut spending, starting with Medicaid. Langworthy says the state spends more on Medicaid than Florida and Texas combined.

"I have not seen someone dying in the streets because of lack of access to Medicaid in the state of Florida. So somehow they are getting it right," Langworthy said.

Langworthy says the last thing the state needs to do is raise taxes and points to what he believes excessive spending on the Democrats’ part.

Langworthy also called Monday for a new independent body to replace the state’s ethics commission, JCOPE, which he says has been failing in its duties.

In late October, news broke of an alleged leak from JCOPE to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Inspector General’s office found no wrongdoing when they did an investigation, but critics point out that the IG is appointed by the governor.

Langworthy says that this is why the state should have an independent IG that feels comfortable investigating the governor and that the case should now be looked at by a special prosecutor, like a county district attorney or federal prosecutor.

"We’re not going to stand for 'Prince Andrew' to operate above the law. There needs to be accountability and there needs to be accountability now," said Langworthy.

Nick Langworthy also spoke briefly about the seven Senate Republicans that have announced their retirement this past year and said that there might be a few more announcements before the year is up. He said, however, this has nothing to do with people not believing in the party and says he still has full confidence in Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan.