A bill that would ban the manufacturing and distribution of guns constructed through 3D printing technology is heading to the desk of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The bill was granted final passage on Monday in the Democratic-controlled state Assembly, 111-22. It was previously approved this month by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

“As rates of gun violence increase across the country, New York continues to lead the way in prevention by passing common sense gun safety legislation,” said Speaker Carl Heastie. “This bill demonstrates our commitment to keeping our kids and communities safe through thoughtful and comprehensive legislation.”

The bill follows a package of gun control measures approved during this legislative session, including the approval of a “red flag” law that is meant to keep guns away from those deemed to be too dangerous, bar teachers and school employees from being armed, and a ban on the sale or possession of bump stocks.

“The Assembly Majority remains dedicated to protecting our communities from gun violence,” said Assembly Codes Committee Chair Joseph Lentol. “This bill will add to the comprehensive common sense gun safety legislation already in effect in New York by keeping undetectable weapons off our streets.”