Talk about ethics reform in the new legislative session has been largely muted this year. Senate Democrats this week in Albany tried to change that.

"Every year, we talk about cleaning up Albany. Every year we are waiting for something to happen, and each year, the other side, frankly, does nothing," said Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Senate Democrats unveiled a package of measures designed to reform campaign finance laws and how lobbying is done -- measures that have failed to gain much traction in their chamber.

"We know that New York is one of the worst campaign finance systems in the country," said Sen. Mike Gianaris (D - Queens). "The effect of big money is especially pronounced here. And everyone likes to talk about Citizens United and what we're doing to combat it. We have done little to nothing to have an impact."

The call for ethics reform comes amid a year of corruption trials for Albany figures, including the ongoing trial this week of Joe Percoco, a former close aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"I think because it is in New York City and because we are in the process of the budget hearings, the budget negotiations are overshadowing this trial by a longshot," said League of Women Voters Legislative Director Jennifer Wilson.

Cuomo himself devoted little time in his State of the State address to ethics reform, but did include proposals in his budget, such as new disclosure rules for digital advertising and constitutional amendments for term limits and limiting outside income of lawmakers.

"We want to see uniformity and we want to see action taken quickly, especially with the Percoco trial going on, but it's just not happening right now," Wilson said.

And for now, that means more corruption cases dominating the headlines in Albany and around New York.

"With New Yorkers seeing what happens here in Albany, I think people get tired of the headlines, they get tired of the trials, they get tired of corruption," Stewart-Cousins said.

An ethics reform package has been approved virtually every year Cuomo has been governor.