A decision as to where expanded housing for migrants who have come to New York will ultimately be is expected "very soon," Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday. 

Hochul once again confirmed SUNY campuses as well as former psychiatric centers are being considered for housing. Hochul has said the state is reviewing virtually every state-owned property as a potential site for housing. 

A final decision will also be discussed with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Hochul said. 

"There's a sense of urgency, so we'll be announcing very soon and offering to the mayor which sites," Hochul said. "We have to make sure they all work, the timing works, the students are gone and then we'll be able to talk to the mayor and his team abour what views they have."

NY1 reported this week the state will provide housing for migrants at three State University of New York campuses in Buffalo, Albany and Stony Brook. Hochul on Wednesday said "many SUNY campuses right now" are under consideration. 

"We are looking at all state assets to help ammelirioate a problem that is at a crisis level here in the city of New York," Hochul said. 

New York has set aside $1 billion to aid migrants and the response to the influx of people coming to the state as a pandemic-era immigration order expired this month. 

Calls for additional federal aid have yet to be answered. 

Hochul this week also called for the Biden administration to expedite the process in order to allow migrants a permit to work while they are in New York. 

Adams this month announced a voluntary plan to move migtants north of New York City over the next several months. The move was met with staunch opposition from local government officials who have filed lawsuits and approved emergency orders meant to bar migrants from staying in their counties.