A package of new laws approved Tuesday by Gov. Kathy Hochul are meant to improve access to services for people with disabilities in New York. 

The measures were signed into law by Hochul at a cerermony in New York City on the 32nd anniversary of the passage of the federal Amercians with Disabilities Act. Hochul said New York is working to further bolster provisions included in the landmark law. 

"It was time to right the wrongs of the past. We're going to continue to build on that progress," she said. "Where a wrong needs to be righted, we will take the pen and do just that."

The legislation approved Tuesday by Hochul includes a measure that will create a formal and legal process for people with intelluctual developmental disabilities to have a greater independence, formalizing a pilot program that has been in effect for several years. 

Hochul also backed the expansion of the New York ABLE program to include more beneficiaries. Another law will launch a public awareness campaign to highlight the needs facing people with disabilities in New York. 

And the governor signed a measure meant to remove what are now considered archaic terms about people with disabilities from the state laws.