Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Alison Esposito has officially retired from the New York City Police Department, U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin's campaign on Thursday announced. 

Esposito's career spanned 25 years with the NYPD. She was added to the Republican ticket earlier this year as Zeldin sought to bolster his campaign's public safety and anti-crime platform in the race for governor. 

"Serving in the NYPD, my officers and the people we served were my life,” Esposito said. “I never imagined any other path, but I watched as my officers arrested someone for carrying an illegal firearm and that suspect was back to collect their belongings before my officers could even finish filling out their paperwork. I watched as my officers were vilified while elected leaders undermined them at every turn. One day, I looked at the seat I was sitting in and the hat that I was wearing and I realized it wasn't enough. I needed to do more, which is why I left my beloved NYPD to embark on this rescue mission with Congressman Zeldin to Save Our State."

Esposito ended her career on the NYPD as a deputy inspector and commanding officer at the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn. 

"With nearly 25 years as a leader in the largest police force in the country, Alison will be a critical voice in our administration's efforts to combat the rampant crime plaguing New York," Zeldin said. "This is one of many areas that Alison brings limitless passion, vision, and experience to help save our state. She has dedicated her entire life to protecting and serving New Yorkers, and her greatest contributions are still yet to come."

Zeldin won a four-candidate primary for the Republican nomination last week; Esposito was virtually unopposed for the Republican lieutenant governor nomination.