The campaign of Gov. Kathy Hochul on Tuesday released a lengthy public memorandum that sought to underscore her efforts to reach out to voters over the last several months as the primary enters its final six days.

The memorandum -- pointing to the millions of dollars spent by the campaign on advertising as well as retail politicking by the incumbent herself -- was released as The New York Times on Tuesday reported growing concerns among Democratic figures in the state over whether Hochul's bid is doing enough to motivate people to the polls.

Hochul has a wide lead over her rivals for the party's nomination, U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi and New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. She has easily outspent both of them, airing TV ads that point to her support for stricter gun laws as well as ensuring access to abortion.

"Her campaign and the New York State Democratic Party invested more than $19.6 million in television, digital, radio, mail, and field campaigns across five media markets and to a diverse group of voters," the Hochul campaign memo states.

But the election year is also shaping up to a difficult one for Democrats, with high gas prices, inflation and concerns over public safety considered the top issues for voters. President Joe Biden's approval ratings have sagged, and even areas where he once did well in 2020 could be a challenge for the party.

Republicans have not won statewide in New York since 2002 when George Pataki was elected to a third term. Hochul, who is running for a full term this year and is the first governor from western New York in a century, must drive turnout in key areas of the New York City metropolitan area.

The Times reported concerns among establishment Democrats like former Rep. Charlie Rangel that Hochul is not doing enough to drive out labor union voters, as well as Black and Latino New Yorkers -- the heart of the party's base.

Suozzi, who has sought to court voters of color during the campaign, faulted Hochul for not doing enough to tackle issues like crime and taxes.

"Tom Suozzi has built a core group of supporters across the state who are excited to vote for him because they know that not only is he the only Democratic candidate with the executive experience and record to address crime and taxes, but he is our best bet to defeat any of the Republicans in November," said Jason Elan, a Suozzi spokesman.

The Hochul campaign memorandum remained bullish on those voters turning out next week and again in the general election in November.

"These voters will not only turn out on Tuesday, June 28th to support Governor Hochul but again on November 8th — when the stakes for New York’s future could not be higher," the campaign wrote. "Kathy Hochul is the leader who will keep delivering results and moving New York forward — by prioritizing public safety, lowering the cost of living, and protecting our fundamental rights. The Republican nominee is guaranteed to take us backward to the extreme fringes of the far right, rolling back our rights, and making middle-class families less safe and secure."