Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday plans additional changes to her new administration that could see the departure of former officials who had been part of ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office. 

Hochul has already moved to replace Cuomo-era figures like Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, as well as many of the people who were named in a bombshell report released in August by Attorney General Letitia James detailing allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by the former governor. 

"I'm just holding to the committment that people in the executive chamber who were mentioned in the report would not be staying," Hochul said during a news conference in New York City. "I think you'll find they're pretty much gone."

Hochul had previously announced a 45-day review period for administration officials who were holdovers from Cuomo's time in office. Prominent former Cuomo advisors and aides include Larry Schwartz, who remains a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 

There could be other cabinet-level departures as well, though the replacement of Zucker by former New York City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett had been the most closely watched development given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and questions surrounding the state's handling of nursing homes during the public health crisis. 

"As a new governo,  I'm entitled to have individuals who I believe are best to serve the people of New York," Hochul said.