Gov. Andrew Cuomo will forgo a pay raise for himself and other officials in New York for 2021, he said on Wednesday at a news conference. 

Members of the state Legislature and the judiciary in New York will not receive salary hikes in 2021 as part of a determination by a salary commission empowered to make the decision. 

The commission cited the state's general economic troubles amid the coronavirus pandemic. New York has lost billions of dollars in tax revenue this year amid the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic.

Cuomo's salary was not affected by the decision of the panel. The governor is due to receive a $25,000 salary increase, hiking his pay to $250,000 in 2021. But on Wednesday, Cuomo indicated he would reverse course.

"I'm going to ask the commissioners, myself, the other elected not to take a raise this year," Cuomo said.  "It's the same rationale giving a raise to the other people."

Cuomo said he will make the change through an executive order.