Gov. Andrew Cuomo is running out of ways to say he won't be joining a Joe Biden administration. 

Cuomo called into NY1 on Friday to talk about the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the presidential election remains too close to call. 

Asked if he would be a part of Biden's administration, Cuomo insisted he was staying put. 

"I said to New Yorkers when COVID first started my only agenda is New York. I'm not running for president, not running for vice president, not going to Washington," he said. "This is going to be a long road for New Yorkers. I want them to have total trust in what I'm saying. I have no agenda but being New York governor and I'm going to stay here and finish the job."

Cuomo is now in the middle of his third term as governor. He served in the cabinet of President Bill Clinton's administration as the housing secretary.