With just a few days left before election day, New York 27th congressional district candidate Chris Jacobs is getting another hand from Donald Trump Jr.

Earlier this week, Jacobs posted a video in which the president's son gave him his endorsement. But if voters didn't see it on Twitter, Don Jr. went directly to their phones.

A robocall went out to Republican voters in NY-27 Thursday night from the president's son.

"Western New York, there's a crucial special election on June 23rd and I need your help to elect Chris Jacobs to Congress," he said. "Chris Jacobs is the conservative candidate for Western New York. He's the one we need. He will cut your taxes, secure our border, and always protect the Second Amendment."

Jacobs opponents have argued he was not a supporter of Trump in 2016. However, the president has endorsed him now four times on Twitter.

"My father gave Chris Jacobs his complete and total endorsement because Chris strongly supports our vets, the military and our incredible farmers," Trump Jr. said.

Jacobs has two elections on Tuesday. He is running against Democrat Nate McMurray and Libertarian Duane Whitmer in a special election to fill the seat of Chris Collins, who was convicted last year of crimes related to insider trading

"His opponent is another radical liberal who is supported by Nancy Pelosi and wants to be the AOC of Western New York," Trump Jr. continued in the robocall. "Don't be fooled. Nate McMurray will never be with you. That's why I need you to vote for Chris Jacobs. So Western New York, vote for Chris Jacobs on June 23rd."

He is also running in a Republican primary to face McMurray in November. The call was paid for by the New York Republican State Committee and authorized by the campaign.