Assemblywoman Pat Fahy thinks New York is going to need a bigger bond act.

The Albany Democrat on Wednesday announced she is backing an even larger bond act to bolster the environment and combat climate change in New York than the original proposal of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo in January proposed a $3 billion plan that would shore up waterways and water quality in the state.

Fahy's bill, the Climate Action and Resilient Environment Bond Act, would add $2 billion in spending for energy projects and $500 million for clean water programs.

Cuomo's proposal provides critical funding, she said in a statement, but more is needed to address the issue if the state wants to meet targets for reducing carbon emissions in the coming decades.

"The climate crisis requires an historic commitment of resources and state government must rise to the call,” Fahy said. “If New York is going to meet its ambitious (emissions reduction) goals, that ambition must be matched by our investment to combat climate change and protect our natural resources for generations to come."

Voters must approve bond acts before the borrowing can be authorized.