New York state parks are feeling the love all while turning 100 years old this year.

What You Need To Know

  •  NYS Parks celebrating their centennial year in 2024

  •  I Love My Park Day May 4, 2024 is part of their centennial celebration

  • There are 260 NYS Parks and NYS Historic locations across the state

This weekend, state parks want to celebrate their centennial year with you. Parks and Trails New York hosts "I Love My Park" day on Saturday. They want people to get out and enjoy an area park or even volunteer to help spruce things up before the summer park season.

Parks and Trails say they have seen vast growth in visitorship experienced since the COVID-19 pandemic, boasting more than 84 million visitors in 2023 alone.

Organizers of "I Love My Park" day say hang out or even volunteer at your favorite park or a new park on Saturday. They will be hosting fun things like games, giveaways or even cookouts depending on the park locations. If you are more service-minded, there will be opportunities to plant flowers, clean trails, paint, help build or repair park kiosks or signage too.

“New York state parks and historic sites come in at more than 260 locations. We also partner with the Department of Environmental Conservation – so you think of forest, wetlands and sort of public land like that and they cover millions of acres," said Will Cote, senior director of Public Lands for Parks and Trails New York. "That’s the beauty of living in New York state as we all know there are lots of places to go out and explore. Enjoy nature and all that has to offer. Again, this is that great opportunity to maybe to give back to that place that you love or that you frequent all the time, or travel a little bit further outside of your normal routine and check out a brand new place. There is so much to see and do and it is the perfect time of year to get outside and want to do that."

A lot of municipal parks are also hosting "I Love My Park" days as well. To find a location to spend time on Saturday, go to for details.