This week is National Small Business Week. Across New York, the Small Business Administration is recognizing numerous small businesses.

A new Auburn-based business, Combgrown Mead, makes alcoholic beverages from fermenting honey that has been diluted with water.

What You Need To Know

  • Combgrown Mead makes honey-based alcoholic drinks

  • The meadery opened its doors in the summer of 2023 in Auburn

  • Owner Elaine Ferrier, a mother of two, started her business venture when she was 6 months pregnant

Combgrown Mead opened in July 2023 when owner Elaine Ferrier — then six months pregnant — found the perfect space and a landlord to partner with.

“This is a shout out for all the women who have cribs and play spaces in their businesses, because even if you have child care and you don’t need to bring your kids to work every day, your kids are still at your work a lot," Ferrier said. "Here, a lot of weekends and nights. For me, balancing having a young family with two small kids and having this dream that was – the space was available, there was a window of opportunity, I had to go for it – so different. Life is complicated and it makes business even more complicated sometimes, but it is all worth it.”

Ferrier said it is wonderful to be a business owner and be part of the local community, and she loves networking with other small business owners.