New York legislators on Monday announced the introduction of a law that would place height-adjustable changing tables and facilities for adults to use within public rest areas, museums, libraries and government-owned facilities throughout the state.

State Senator Pete Harckham and Assembly Member Chris Burdick announced the “Traveling with Dignity Act” with leaders from Constructive Partnerships Unlimited, members of the disability community and advocates.

They said the legislation would provide people born with disabilities, seniors and veterans with traumatic injuries enclosed spaces that are safer and more sanitary to use.

“It is time for New York to require that disability-friendly restroom facilities with height-adjustable tables for adults be installed statewide so people with differing abilities can participate in the same activities, day trips and excursions that are available to everybody else,” said Harckham.

“We pride ourselves on being a state ardently committed to inclusivity," said Burdick. "If we truly are going to fulfill that commitment, then we need to do our utmost to remove every obstacle that people with disabilities confront so that they can participate in the same activities as those without disabilities."

Members of the New York Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign helped shape the legislation.

Jacqueline and Anthony Scali of the New York Chapter of Changing Spaces Campaign said, “The significance of the words "height-adjustable" in this bill cannot be overlooked. Having a table that can be adjusted to meet the user at their height or at their wheelchair’s height makes it incredibly easy and safe to transfer them onto the table."