Are spooky ghosts just stories for sitting around the campfire, or is there some hint of truth to the legends and lore? Spectrum News 1 traveled to Fort Ontario in Oswego ahead of Halloween to investigate the home of the "Post Ghost."

For decades, people have been seeing spirits at the fort. Some of the earliest sightings were of a solider in a red coat. It seems the ghosts of the fort are still here today.

“One of the legends is every time there is going to be a war, a ghostly figure appears at Fort Ontario," said Paul Lear, historic site manager at Fort Ontario.

Lear knows Fort Ontario’s history inside and out, including stories of ghosts haunting Fort Ontario that date back to the early 1900’s, specifically sightings of a man dressed as a solider.

What You Need To Know

  • There's a legends of a ghost that appears at Fort Ontario every time there is going to be a war

  • Historic sightings say that was a solider wearing a red and white coat

  • Some say jumping over his gravestone brings good luck

“A figure in a red coat and white britches and white cross belts, probably an 18th Century soldier, they associate with George Fikes or Basil Dunbar," said Lear.

The legend of the Post Ghost is recognized on the fort with a sign from the Pomeroy Foundation. Locals know stepping over his gravestone three times brings good luck.

“It's supposed to bring you good luck, and you're supposed to see him. I, personally, have jumped over it several times, and have not seen him," said Caroline Lamie, office manager at Fort Ontario.

While people might not see the Post Ghost as often anymore, Caroline Lamie, who works at the fort, has seen plenty of paranormal activity.

“People are so funny. What do you mean it's haunted? What place this old is not haunted?" said Lamie. “You’ll hear footsteps above you, and you'll go up there and there’s no one up there. Or l hear furniture dragging, and there’s no furniture on that floor.”

Lamie said soldiers have been spotted walking around in daylight. In her ghost-hunting adventures, she has captured some haunting audio clips of a ghostly cat and boy.

"You could feel fur go by your leg if you've got shorts or something on, so the cat is very much up there. We've gotten the "meow" before," said Lamie. "But with the little boy calling the cat, it kind of makes a great story, kind of puts it together."

She recounted another story.

"Gentleman was in here and he captured the picture of the little boy standing over here. And that night, the group that was in here ghost-hunting got kids giggling in the building next door to where the photo was taken. So that also makes a great story," Lamie said.

"Every place here, there's a story. Whether it goes with the history or not, it's still, it's part of our history. It really is. Those people were here. They're people too," said Lamie.