Syracuse University will again honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Junior next weekend and the keynote speaker will make this year’s event extra special.

Back in 1961 and 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at Syracuse University.

Now his son, Martin Luther King III will be joining the university for their annual celebration honoring his father on January 30.

The theme, “We Are Part of the Dream," a notion that Dr. King’s message still applies to contemporary times.

Dr. King’s connection to Syracuse University is not only his speeches, but also his classmate, Dr. Charles Willy, who recently passed only a few days ago.

Dr. Willy was the very first Black tenured professor at the university.

“This year’s celebration is, in many ways, a tribute to Dr. Willy and his tremendous efforts here. To have Martin Luther King III speak at a time when we wish to bring special attention to Dr. Willy’s contributions on campus, it’s quite special,” Brian Konkol, dean of Hendricks Chapel, said.

The free event is virtual and open to all.

At that same event members of the community will be recognized as unsung heroes.