Syracuse University is getting students ready for an emerging type of green thumb.

The university is partnering with a California-based cannabis education company called Green Flower to start offering students cannabis certificate programs in January, with the goal of opening doors for interested students to working in the industry.

The market is growing, and with more states like New York legalizing recreational marijuana, 77,000 new jobs were created in the field in 2020.

Green Flower focuses on three points of education: cannabis business, medicine and ever-culture, along with law and policy to help students navigate this booming trade.

"Despite the stigma from the past that still remains around cannabis, the industry itself has an explosive growth pattern that is truly unique and is going to create more opportunities, more jobs, more income and more taxes to the state than any other sector right now," said Max Simon, CEO and co-founder of Green Flower.

These upcoming certificate programs are six months long.