Evelyn, Claudia, and Jojo Leubner are known as the NY-FARM GIRLS online. They use Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to share their lives as dairy farmers.

Each of the sisters works a different job on the farm. Evelyn works with the cows, Claudia is in the field and Jojo manages the calf barn after school. Evelyn is the oldest and gets up first and feeds the cows.

“We realized there aren’t that many fair farmers on social media,” said Evelyn.

Claudia works on the field and drives the tractors, something she started doing when she was 12 years old. Now she’s 20.

“It’s good that people are being able to start seeing that girls can do whatever guys can do and it’s been fun proving everyone wrong,” said Claudia.

Jojo is the youngest and is still in high school. She has the job feeding the calves.

They rotate who posts on social media with their shifts. Their biggest platform is TikTok, where they have almost half a million followers. Through talking about what they do and why they do it, their mission is to give the public a better understanding about what it means to be a dairy farmer.

“We wanted to start our own social media page to the in's and out's of living on a dairy farm and being able to give that experience of being on a dairy farm without actually coming to the dairy farm themselves,” said Evelyn.

The Leubner sisters were featured on the American Dairy Association North East’s digital series “This American Farmer.” It’s a show that highlights family, tradition and sustainable food production among farms upstate.