The Indian Point nuclear power plant will close down on Friday, as planned, Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed in a press statement on Thursday afternoon.

The decision to close the 2,000-megawatt nuclear power plant, located in Westchester County about 25 miles from New York City, has been in the works since 2017.

"Since my time as attorney general, I have been deeply concerned with the safety of the Indian Point nuclear power facility. It does not belong on the Hudson River and in close proximity to the most densely populated area in the country," Cuomo said in a statement. "After years of relentless work together with federal, state and local officials, we found a path to safely and responsibly close Indian Point, ending the threat the plant has long-posed to an area that is vitally important to our state, the nation, and the world."

The state's Public Service Commission is currently reviewing the sale of Indian Point from Entergy Corp., to a new owner, Holtec LLC.