NATIONWIDE– Are you running out of ways to keep your pet busy while at home during the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s a list of ideas you may want to try.

1. Hide food games around the house

Keep your furry friend entertained by hiding treats, treat dispensing toys, or food puzzles around the house. One popular brand among pet owners is KONG, who make various interactive toys for cats and dogs.

A creative option is freezing treats inside a block of ice and make your pet work for it.

2. Give your furry friend a window seat

Let your pet stay entertained by setting them up in a comfortable spot where they can look outside. Open the blinds or curtains and let them watch what’s going on.

3. Turn on the television

YouTube for Dogs or Animal Planet are popular ways to keep pets busy while at home. The sounds and sights of other animals can be calming or interesting for all pets alike.

4. Schedule a play date or hire a dog walker

While practicing social distancing, connect with a neighbor or friend to have your pets hang out together in one or the other’s home or outside at an open park. While dogs and cats can be vulnerable to catching the coronavirus, it is rare that they can pass on the virus to humans.

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Dog walkers, whether a friend, neighbor or hired, can keep your furry friend active and allow you some alone time to reset.

5. Put toys on a rotation

Pet owners know there is always a favorite. Keep your furry friend on their paws by switching toys out, allowing them to stay busy in new ways while owners rip the benefit of toy longevity.

6. Teach some new tricks

Dogs can be taught to help with household chores, like hitting a light switch, fetching a remote control, leash or opening the fridge via a towel or rope tied around the handle.

If your doggo doesn’t know  basic commands of sit, stay, down, drop it or come, a recommended 5 to 10 minutes a day can be effective for teaching obedience and creating a foundation for following commands.

7. Find ways to keep your pet calm

If your pet is on edge or experiences anxiety, essential oils, diffusers, calming chew toys, calming collars and massages are all ways to keep your pet calm.

8. Add another furry friend to the family

If you’re up to adding another animal to your home life, it could benefit your existing furry friend. Make sure to do research, as some breeds or pets may have trouble adjusting to a second animal in the house.