Students may have 17 new majors to choose from at Onondaga Community College soon, and seven could be available next fall. The majors that would be available are:

  • Drone Technology
  • Enviornmental Controls Technology
  • Geospatial Science & Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Paramedic EM
  • Sound Recording
  • Veterinary Science

The school is looking at more options for the modern workforce. A Geospatial Science Degree, will teach students how to analyze drone data. Students would have opportunities to work with National Grid, SRC, and CNS Companies.

Other majors being developed are Health Science and Sound Recording — which also reflect local industry trends, and appeal to more students.

"Enrollment here is under pressure as it is with many other institutions, and it's a time to optimize and to really reflect of what can provide the greatest opportunity for our students," said OCC Interim Provost Anastasia Urtz.

There's already a glimmer of light this year. The Interim Provost told Spectrum News their freshman class is bigger than last year. She's hoping that trend continues once the new majors debut.

All of the new majors need to go through an approval process before they're launched. SUNY leaders and the State Education Department are reviewing seven of those majors now.

If approved, students can sign up in the fall 2020 semester.