Lawmakers are considering the Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act. Those against the measure are drawing attention to their opposition Wednesday at the Capitol.

Those against the bill are driving tractors around the Capitol in hopes the bill isn’t passed.

The Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act would make farmers pay overtime for employees working more than 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. Workers would also be entitled to things like collective bargaining and workers’ compensation benefits.

Those in support say it’s needed to give workers basic rights. But those against say they’re going to have to cut employees’ hours, and worry people will just find employment in other states when their paychecks are cut.

They’re hoping these issues are fixed before something is passed. 

"We can resolve those issues, talk about the issues, but have to be crafted in a way to allow us to thrive, operate," said Rick Zimmerman of the state Vegetable Growers Association. "Unique characteristics of our industry command us to do things differently than standard OT provisions that are currently being promoted by the bill."