Before boxers face off this weekend in a battle at Turning Stone, they stepped outside the ring to help those who know a thing or two about the most important kind of battles.

"I'm more excited that I get to meet such great people that fought for us, and people that pay the way for me to be here and I'm glad I am getting a chance to help them out also," said boxer Skakur Stevenson. 

Stevenson joined other fighters on this weekend's card at Clearpath for veterans in Chittenango Wednesday. They served lunch to local Veterans and their families.

The veteran organization holds a weekly meal to support those who have served our country. 

"Clearpath is a wonderful, wonderful place thats given me week after week much happiness and pleasure," said Navy Veteran Sanford Sterlicht. 

"Its an amazing thing to see, they have a very rigirous training schedule and they have a very busy schedule themselves so its nice that they're able to take the time out and help our mission to give back and serve our veterans," said Clearpath's Chief Operating Officer Alexander Behm. 

Boxers say having the opportunity to bond with the vets is a natural fit.

"The mental toughness. I feel like they're mentally tough and in our sport you have to be mentally tough to survive. It's alot of disclipline," said Stevenson. 

"We've had alot of athletes visit our facility, and I think the military and athletes out there have a lot in common," said Clearpath CEO Melissa Spicer. "You're forever changed by your training and your experience in what you dedicate to your career so I think anytime we have the athletes come visit, there's an automatic commradie that comes into play." 

And the veterans couldn't be happier to have them.