You've probably heard recreational weed is legal across the border — so, if you plan on lighting up, here is what you need to know about coming back home.

Can I bring back marijuana?

No. Leave the cannabis in Canada.

What if I have a recreational marijuana license?

Even if you do, you are not allowed to bring the drug through an international border. You will still see the same primary K-9 searches as you wait to speak with a border officer.

What about returning? Will border officers ask anything different?

Questions are likely to be the same as before. You shouldn't expect longer wait times other than holidays, which is when traffic is heavier.

"It is business as usual," Customs and Border Protection Supervisor Mike Taylor said. "We do active lane management to make sure our wait times are as short as possible, using the manpower we have on staff at any given time."

What if someone is found with marijuana?

It could cost you up to $1,000. Customs and Border Protection is also working closely with local authorities to keep any impaired drivers off the road. There is a zero tolerance for driving under the influence of marijuana.

"Alcohol usually causes more aggressive behavior, where marijuana causes more cautious, slower reflexes. Both are not good. The combination is even worse," said Lazlo Bechtler, director of the Dent Cannabis Clinic. "I would strongly recommend is somebody is going over to Canada to partake in recreational marijuana that they sleep in Canada and come back the next day."

Breanna Fuss and Katie Gibas contributed to this report.