New state legislation is looking to "clear the air" of underaged vaping.

A new bill is intended to ban the sale of e-cigarette products that resemble school supplies, toys, or are packaged in a way to appeal to minors. 

New York state Sen. Monica Martinez, a Democrat from Long Island, is the bill's sponsor and cited recent state Department of Health data that found 18.7% of high schoolers vaped in 2022.

Martinez also said vaping is on the rise for middle school students between ages 11 and 14.

"In a school setting, these products may inadvertenly normalize vaping and tell our kids it's ok to do this when it is not ok. It also presents serious challenges to their health as well as maintaining a healthy, safe environment condusive to learning, which is what our school setting should be about," Martinez said Monday in Albany.

Martinez said the bill would carry a penalty up to $1,500 for a first violation and a $2,500 penalty for each following violation.

State Assemblymember Charles Fall sponsors the bill in that chamber.