BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In January, attorney Ralph Lorigo received a call from a family who wanted to treat their 80-year-old mother, on a ventilator because of COVID-19, with ivermectin.

Lorigo helped them get a court order from the judge, and less than a week later, her condition drastically improved and she was out of the hospital.

"We've repeated that a number of times at this point and we now have been getting calls over the last several months actually, getting calls from all over the country," the attorney said.

He said he's now handled nearly 100 similar cases of families hoping the courts will intervene when hospitals refuse to administer the drug, which the FDA has not approved to treat COVID-19.

"Since most courts are all virtual these days, we can do them right here in my conference room and we've argued these cases in New Jersey, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, California, Arizona, the list goes on and on and on," Lorigo said.

He now has four attorneys besides himself dedicated to ivermectin-related cases and has been successful. In a majority of the cases, he has been able to get in front of the drug. He strongly believes ivermectin has saved many of those patients' lives.

"Every day I get somewhere between 80 and 150 emails and requests for information and help. We freely give the information. I talk to people on a regular business. I've been here seven days a week for the last seven weeks without a day off, trying to get people the information that they so desperately need," Lorigo said.

Not every case has been successful though. Recently, in a scenario at the same hospital as his first ivermectin case, the same judge refused a court order.

"That lady died last night," Lorigo said. "She could have had five doses of ivermectin, which might have saved her life like it did in that first case. I feel absolutely terrible about that situation. I think the hospital was wrong to deny her the continuation of a drug they had given her."

He said it's becoming more difficult to fight for the court orders as hospitals have been fighting harder, providing affidavits from their own doctors.

"These days, what I'm up against is hospitals providing affidavits from doctors and the doctors all say the same thing. They basically say it's not FDA approved, it's not CDC approved and so they don't use it. It's not their protocol because it's not approved," Lorigo said. "They don't believe in it."

The attorney said there's recently been a change in public opinion as the CDC and FDA have not only said the drug is unproven but have been actively advising against its use. He said a September article from the FDA showing a photo of a woman next to a horse and noting an uptick in poison control calls has been especially harmful to his cause.

"The slant of that story though is terrible because what they're talking about is people going to Tractor Supply and buying ivermectin that is for animals, for horses or for cows, and they're so desperate that they're taking that. We have never advocated for that," he said.

The attorney said there have been 63 clinical studies showing the efficacy of ivermectin and, at the very least, the drug, which has been prescribed as an anti-parasitic for 35 years, has proved safe when prescribed correctly and overseen by medical professionals.

Lorigo said he will continue to advocate for it because he believes it's a matter of life and death. He said health organizations are still unsure about ivermectin because there have not yet been large scale studies of its efficacy in treating COVID-19.

He believes big pharmaceutical companies aren't putting their weight behind those studies because the drug can be produced generically and is inexpensive.